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You can count on Glassco of Sumter for all of your glass needs. We have expertise in all areas of auto glass replacement – cars, trucks, buses, tractors, motor homes, etc. In other words, if it has glass on it or in it, we can handle the job.

Glassco deals with the largest insurance companies in America; handling your glass claim and all of the paperwork is no problem for our knowledgeable staff. We are familiar with all of the ins and outs of making a glass claim. Did you know that under South Carolina State Law, SECTION 38-57-75, you have the right to choose the glass shop that handles your repair or replacement? You do! Your insurance provider can not "steer" you towards using one particular shop. So p Unlike our competitors, we believe a controlled environment is essential to top-quality auto service, therefore we do not offer mobile service. However, we are more than happy to pick up and deliver your vehicle back to you when the work is complete. If you feel that driving your vehicle with a broken glass is unsafe, simply call us, we'll  gladly pick it up. Are you having problems with the door glasses in your vehicle not rolling up and down properly, or just not working at all? The problem could be the window regulator, motor or switch and our technicians can assess the problem, order the parts and install them. Your door glass will work as good as new! We also repair windshield chips and side glasses.

Glassco offers top of the line glass products and commercial glass service. Our certified technicians can install beautiful mirrors in your home or office. We have a wide range of plastics, in stock and we can special order custom patterned glass for you. From replacing insulated window units (eliminating foggy windows), to the smallest of glass jobs, we’ve got you covered. We offer all of these services and so much more. Our friendly staff will be glad to present you with a free quote and set up your glass appointment today.

Proudly providing 24-hour emergency service for commercial break-ins, we will be on site to board up the break and return to complete the repair as quickly as possible. We believe our customer service is second to none. Glassco Inc. is locally owned and operated by Clint Coker, so your money goes back into your community. We offer very competitive pricing on all of our glass services. With over 28 years of faithful and reliable service to Sumter and the surrounding areas, Glassco should be your clear choice for all of your glass needs.


Glassco Inc. specializes in auto glass and auto glass insurance claims. Can you find a cheaper windshield? Probably, but Glassco Inc. installers are fully insured and will stand behind our work. We will be here, in shop, to remedy any problem that might arise. Our shop allows us to install when the "working out of their truck" crews can't and probably shouldn't install since weather can effect the urethane that bonds your windshield. Our glass is American made and identical to the glass you are having replaced. No ripples, no distortions, and no weak spots. That's exactly why Glassco Inc. handles auto glass for the City of Sumter, SCDOT, RTA, Sumter County School Dist., all major insurance companies and many more. Can you save $$$? Sure, but you probably shouldn't!
Glassco Inc. would like to sincerely thank you for choosing our small business instead of one of the larger nationwide corporate franchises now working in the Sumter area. Glassco is locally owned and operated and our employees have lived and worked in the Sumter area all of their lives. By choosing Glassco, you are putting your money back into the Sumter community. When you speak to your insurance provider, tell them that you would like Glassco to handle your glass replacement or repair. 

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